Blogging chalenge: List of web tools or apps

List of web tools or apps

  1. Animal Jam- I like this web app because it is free. To create a account you have to sine up for a account. You need to use your age, gender, birth day and your username and password. This is a online game app thing.
  2. Guess The Emoji-This is a norther game app. I like it because it is fun. It is free and you do not have to sign up.
  3. Emoji puzzle- Emoji puzzle is a game that is free that you do not have to sing up for. You put together puzzles that are emojisIt is so fun so that is why I like it.
  4. Cool Fancy Text Generator- This is a web too that makes your texts fancy. I like it because it is so handy. It is free and nothing is needed.
  5. Emoji Keyboard online-is a web tool that lets computers us emojis. It is free and does not make you have a acount. I like this web tool because it is sooooo cool.