Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween in Places I've Been

                           Halloween in Places I've been                           

Halloween may be an American tradition, but its roots go way back. All the best superstitions of the Roman, Celtic, Catholic and European folk traditions, as well as good old Americans, have turned into the modern-day celebration of Halloween. Second only to Christmas in spending, this superstition-rich amalgam of a holiday has become a celebration of our need to embrace our desires. See how countries around the world put their own spooks on Halloween, as well as honor spirits from beyond the grave.
The French are not typically fain to adopt any celebration, but in recent years, with the help of Coca-Cola, and McDonald’s , Halloween is taking root in France. And, of course, the French love to dress up and have a party. People are out there if anything goes wrong but you can be sure that when Yves St. Laurent puts a Halloween costume on the fashion runway, the French take notice. The town of Limoges, goes all out each year with a parade of ghosts and ghouls, and Paris celebrates Halloween really well.
In Germany, Halloween is celebrated as All Saints Day. In southern Germany, it’s celebrated from October 30 to November 8. Typically, in this and many other Catholic parts of the world, the All Saints Day is spent attending church, honoring the saints who have died, people visit and remembering dead family members, usually graveside. Additionally, Germans hide their knives, so the returning spirits presumably won’t get harmed by random knife´s during the day.

For Halloween I am going to be Nyan cat
Nyan Cat
Put a comment below and a picture of what you are going to be or were.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great
The age of exploration Was when Europeans want to trade with Asia between 1450-1650. It was a huge improvement after Marco Polo's stories came out, but befor that there was Alexander the Great. He was famous for being a strong commander and for conquering some of Asia, Egypt  and India.
         ll.Early Life
Alexander the third A.K.A Alexander the Great was born in Macedonia, Greece in 356 B.C.E.When he was young he had a tutor. He was tutored by a greek philosopher. When Alexander became a teenager he tamed a dangerous horse to ride into battle. Also he joined his father’s (Philip the lll ) army and became commander.
      lll. Journey's
Alexander's journeys were to conquer all the land he could so he can expand his empire to take over India and other Areas to finish what his father had started. He conquered and journeyed for his dead father and for his home Macedonia, Greece.
               lv.End of Life
Alexander the Great died in 323 B.C.E. People think that it was because he had a disease, and just drank too much alcohol, but no one knows.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Pax Blog

On my classes Pax Blog we are talking about a book named Pax.  A person in my class named Tristan made a picture about Pax so I did too. Here it is.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Pegasus The Flame Of Olympus : My book project

Image result for pegasus the flame of olympus book cover

 This is a picture of my book I am doing for a book project. It's about the roman myths. A monster called a Nirads came and attacked Olympus. All the gods went into battle causing a major black out and storm. Pegasus went down to earth on a mission and paelen a god went down to grab pegasuse's golden bridle, but when he did both of them were struck by lightning! Pegasus crash  landed on Emily's roof very hurt and injured.
                         I recommend that all of you read this series and enjoy it because I definitely did. It has a very jaw dropping ending that will make the audience go wow. I seems as if it was photographed right there in the moment but no it was not. I love the way the author wrote this book it is just so stunning.
      Here is a link to a site that gives a bit of information about the author Kate O' Hearn
Kate O' Hearn information website